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The Beard Company uses a range of 100% natural products and is a proudly South African hand crafted product. The Beard Wax is packed with benefits using 100% pure and natural Shea Butter, Beeswax and Coconut Oil with a dash of Macadamia Oil to finish off this well rounded “must have”. The mixture of Essential Oils leans toward an deep smelling undertone of vanilla covered in a manly aroma of musk with a touch of timber and a deep chocolaty flavor of the Shea butter infused with Beeswax.

The Shea Butter together with the Coconut Oil has a deep moisturizing effect on the beard as well as the skin and aid in keeping your skin feeling “at home” under the manly mane. Beeswax is an excellent hygiene agent pouring into the health of the beard and together with the Shea Butter and the Coconut Oil, this wax is packed with essential nutrients leaving the hair follicles well looked after and specializes in the taming of those “wild ones”.  The Coconut Oil also boost the beard’s growth in the promising “all natural” way. The wax is a sturdy styling master and works best alongside the Musky Wood Beard Oil. The wax can be used for precision styling and in the process aids in the beard’s overall health leaving your mane with a well-groomed look.

For us at The Beard Company it is all about the experience so embrace this moment to enjoy the experience and be transferred into the world of “it is a man thing”.

Beard Wax Benefits

  • 56g tin container giving you that extra boost and easy access for application.
  • Precision styling of the beard.
  • Moisturizing the beard.
  • Prevents “bearddruff”.
  • Sturdiness of the wax ensures a strong and long hold.
  • Reduces itchiness and irritability.
  • Promote visible beard growth.

Wax Ingredients

Shea Butter, Beeswax Coconut Oil, Macadamia oil, and Essential oils (Vanilla and Saddlewood).

Directions for use

For best results apply the Beard Wax after showering and towel drying your beard. Dash your beard with a touch of the Musky Wood Beard Oil. Remove the desired amount of the wax and rub between your palms. Massage the wax into the beard. Distribute the wax evenly through the beard. For precision styling remove the desire amount of wax and only apply to the areas that need taming. Use the wax with The Beard Company’s Styling Scissor’s and Wooden Beard Comb for a precision styling finish.

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