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How to maintain your health during the coming holiday

A lot of us struggle with weight gain during the festive seasons because
we get carried away by the good cheer and are not aware of what and how
much holiday food we are eating. When we consume a big amount of food
but don’t use the excess calories up through physical activities, we
inevitably end up with unnecessary weight gain over a period of time.

Here is a few tips on how to prevent that:

Avoid going for visits on an empty stomach

Make sure you start the day with a healthy and balanced breakfast that
includes wholegrain foods, protein and fruit and avoid going for visits on
an empty stomach to prevent overeating or over-indulging on festive

Eat until you are no longer hungry, not until you feel full

It takes about 20 minutes for your body to register that your stomach is
filled to capacity so if you eat until you feel really full, you would have

Be clever about what you eat

Choose foods that are high in fibre because these will keep you fuller for
longer. Also, before you start on the main course, ‘cheat’ by eating a
healthy dish that has lots of low-energy dense-foods such as salads or
vegetable soups. These will fill you up before you hit the lamb roast or
pumpkin fritters.

Drink water instead of drinking calories

One easy trick to limit your calorie intake is to follow a simple rule: Don’t
drink your calories. Drinking 330 ml of water fills you up as much as a 330
ml can of a soft drink — minus the calories. So instead a bottle of juice, a
soda or an alcoholic drink, opt for a few glasses of water instead. Consider
bringing your own water bottle filled with water and slices of lemon and
cucumber. It is a refreshing alternative to plain water and can quench your

Communal eating is about celebrating life, and nothing celebrates life
more than delicious food that promotes health. So stay healthy and stay fit
by eating wisely and finding the time to stay physically active during the
holidays, and make it a healthy holiday instead of one that causes too
much damage to your health and waistline.

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