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Healthy Snacks for Kids

Do you feel like your kid is constantly snacking?

Snacking is a way of sneaking in good nutritious food.

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A lot of our snacks these days are processed. Reading labels must become a habit when we choose a product. Instead of giving a fatty or sugary treat to your kid try something nutritious and fun.

Nutritious and fun?



Incroporate more colour! Children LOVE colour, and do you know what is colourful?

Vegtables and fruit! And the best of all, you do not have to do much to put them in a lunchbox. Wash them. Maybe cut them, that is about it…no excuses. It will save you on tuckshop money as well.

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Be a example when snacking and let them help you prepare lunchboxes. This way they feel proud and would love to show and share there lunchbox to friends at school! Before you know it the whole class have a epic lunchbox competition.

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Make that change! Give your loving, energetic little one the nutrition they need to grow!

They will thank you one day.

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