About Hamba Health

As you can see, this is a photo of when we got married. Two days before the 2020 national lock-down. Jip. Crazy, right? We planned the small ceremony in about half a day, and everything worked out absolutely perfect. As newlyweds, with a super long lock-down honeymoon, we got full of ideas. We were brainstorming left and right. And out of the blue, Hamba Health was born. We have a passion for eating healthy and being active. But we realised that it is not always that easy to gain access to healthy food products, especially when you live in a smaller town like Potchefstroom. You can either, not find the products, or, it is just too expensive! 

The aim of our business is therefore to make healthy products more accessible to people who don’t necessarily live in Joburg or Cape Town. We also try our utmost best to keep our expenses as small as possible, so that we deliver the goods to you at affordable prices. We have warehouses in both Potchefstroom and Pretoria, so if you live in either of the two cities, you can conveniently select the “pick-up” option and save even more by skipping the shipping costs!

Gideon and Rene Maasz

We are Gideon and René Maasz. An entrepreneurial duo with a massive passion for business and impacting our national economy through the skill sets that we have. We have degrees in risk management, international trade, industrial engineering and economics and years of business experience in global companies. Our own passion for healthy living  sparked Hamba Health and we want YOU to enjoy the benefits of this lifestyle with us! 

We know the struggle of both the small and new business owners and the challenges of entering the already tough market in South Africa. That’s why we want to enable the underdog by providing a platform to the market which they are struggling to penetrate. Our innovative mindsets keep challenging the way things are currently being done in the industry and we continually looking for new and better ways to do things. 

The dream is for our platform to be the proudly South African hub for health products where the smaller businesses get the opportunity to swim with the big fish and get the exact same opportunities so they too can thrive.

“Health is wealth”

Our Vibe

Healthy does not have to mean more expensive! We want to make healthy living more accessible to the every day South African.

Our Promise

We want to deliver healthy goods at a reasonable price to our customers. We want our customers to live more healthy and balanced lives.

Our People

We strive to be a community-driven establishment where active members of the Hamba Health community can contribute blogs, ideas and even products to the larger community

Our Mission

To make a healthy lifestyle more accessible to South Africans and support local entrepreneurs in expanding their businesses.

That brings us to the other side of our business, our suppliers. We’ve teamed up with a few amazing small businesses, working toward helping them to grow. Our community is expanded even further with our amazing team of dietitians. They write super interesting blogs about the items available on our website and they are also available to give you great advice (wherever you may find yourself). Below is some details on our amazing team.

Josi Badenhorst

Josi Badenhorst

Registered Dietitian

I completed my Bsc. Dietetics degree in 2018 at the North West University, Potchefstroom Campus and I have a big passion for fitness and sport nutrition. I enjoy being outdoors doing any possible fun activity or learning new skills. I believe keeping your root healthy with an intimate relationship with Christ is the only way to bear good fruit and enjoy life to the fullest. Contact me at josibdietitians@gmail.com.

Rhodene Oberholzer

Rhodene Oberholzer

Registered Dietitian

I'm a registered dietitian working in private practice and enjoying every moment of it. I believe that our body is a wonderful gift, and it is our responsibility to take care of it so that you can pursue your purpose in life to the fullest , while feeling energized and ready for anything that comes your way. Contact me at rhodene@nutritionalsolutions.co.za.

Alet Theron

Aletheia Theron

Registered Dietitian & Blogger

I'm a follower of the way and serious truth hunter. I am also a registered dietitian with a passion for overall health. I understand that restrictive and unrealistic diets just don’t work because they simply don’t address the reasons why you are carrying more weight than you would like. My main focus is to help and inspire woman to achieve their own health and physical fitness goals while living a lifestyle full of balance and self love, not deprivation! Contact me at alet.dietitian@gmail.com.