About Hamba Health

We were created to enjoy the earth and live a full life. My husband (Arnu) and I (Amorette, or in short Ammie) got married 2 years ago and during this lifetime adventure we embarked on we discovered that we strongly believe that life should be enjoyed with the people you love. We also discovered a passion for helping people by suppliyng them with the necessary support to be able to make that which seems impossible a reality. We believe that enjoying life entails lots of adventures in nature and uplifting fellowship with family and friends around good food. Because we value people and their wellbeing, we decided to start a new adventure named Hamba Health. We discovered a desire to equip the everyday person with insight to make health-conscious decisions that is easy to comprehend and to supply people with the products necessary to apply this insight in their daily mealtimes.

Hamba Health is a platform that we want to use to make this dream a reality. Our store is filled up with a variety of health products that is locally sourced and supports the community entrepreneurs. We aim to deliver these products at affordable prices so that you can indulge yourself in healthy food without having to rip a hole in your pocket.

The second service we aim to deliver is through our blog and social media platforms which are used to promote products and help you better understand how to lead a life that is full and healthy.

Lastly, we believe that healthy living is a journey that requires the input from a whole community. Therefore, Hamba Health wants to invite you to become part of this family by selling your products on our store and giving your advice and feedback on our social media platforms.

We invite you to embark on this adventure with us and grow into a community that makes health conscious choices that does not limit your life but expands your horizons to be able to live a life of abundance.


“Health is wealth”

Our Vibe

Healthy does not have to mean more expensive! We want to make healthy living more accessible to the every day South African.

Our Promise

We want to deliver healthy goods at a reasonable price to our customers. We want our customers to live more healthy and balanced lives.

Our People

We strive to be a community-driven establishment where active members of the Hamba Health community can contribute blogs, ideas and even products to the larger community

Our Mission

To make a healthy lifestyle more accessible to South Africans and support local entrepreneurs in expanding their businesses.

That brings us to the other side of our business, our suppliers. We’ve teamed up with a few amazing small businesses, working toward helping them to grow. Our community is expanded even further with our amazing team of dietitians. They write super interesting blogs about the items available on our website and they are also available to give you great advice (wherever you may find yourself). Below is some details on our amazing team.


Marlene Boessenkool

Registered Dietician
I have a passion for health and wellness and I love the outdoors and any sporty activities. My goal as a dietitian is to promote optimal nutrition in all possible scenarios. Sharing and explaining evidence-based nutrition therapy is very important to me. I have a special interest in sport nutrition and gut related issues. Get in touch with me via: Instagram: @that_sporty_dietitian_marlene Email: marlene@nutrifundi.co.za For bookings: https://www.nutrifundi.co.za/

Lindi Siemens

Registered Dietician
I am a food lover who enjoys trying out new recipes in my free time! Professionally, I am registered Dietician who believes that a healthy outside starts from the inside. Health is the result of investing in good nutrition. I am extremely passionate about promoting good nutrition and helping people achieve healthier lifestyles. I have a special interest in weight-loss, diabetes and nutrition during pregnancy and lactation. Remember, it is not a diet, it is a healthier lifestyle! Like Hippocrates said: “Let food be thy medicine”. Feel free to contact me for more nutrition-relation information. You can also schedule an appointment so that I can help you to achieve your nutrition-related goal towards a healthier lifestyle! Get in touch with me via: Instagram: @lindisiemens94 lindifourie.lf@gmail.com

Mariska Barnard

Registered Dietician
I love the wonderful benefits of following a healthy lifestyle, from following a healthy balanced diet to doing the kind of exercise that you love. I’m a strong believer that there’s a place for everything we love to do and eat in a healthy lifestyle. I finished my dietetics degree in 2018 at the North West University and then completed my masters on behaviour change at Nelson Mandela University in 2019. I have a special interest in behaviour change, hormonal problems in women and prevention of disease through a healthy lifestyle. More about my work: mariskabarnarnard.wordpress.com Instagram: @mariska.dietitian mariskabarnard95@gmail.com

Inarie Jacobs

Registered Dietician
I am a registered dietitian and currently a full time PhD student in Nutrition. My research work focuses on the association between dietary intake and breast cancer risk in South African women. I have a passion for exercising  Get in touch with me via: Email: inarie.jacobs@gmail.com Facebook: Inarie Jacobs  Instagram: @inarie.jacobs

Monique Britz

Organizational Psychologist
I have an avid interest in digital marketing, content creation and aesthetic manipulation. I value low waste living and conscious consumerism. Merging the philosophy of "less is more" with the emerging "systems thinking" approach to everyday life. I'm a passionate writer & foodie, too.